At my doctor’s  request I got a Fitbit.  I ordered a Fitbit Alta because I like being able to see the time as well as the steps.  Our school has several teachers who have Fitbits and we challenge each other each week.  We praise each other when we do well.  Seeing someone be 300 steps ahead of me is motivating to do more.  I try to fit in extra steps at recess by walking around the playground.  For PE when I take the kids down  to the gym  I stay and walk extra laps .   If I have 10 minutes before school starts then I’ll walk the hallways.  I’ve been getting better about having 8000 steps,  10,000 steps.  One day I even hit 11,000 steps! Wow!

I’ve been posting my steps on Facebook. Today a coworker came up to me and said she’s just ordered a fit bit because she was inspired by my posts. She said if I can do it then why the heck is she just sitting around?

Yay! Felt odd to be someone’s  inspiration, but I’ll take it!


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