Follow the yellow brick road

The best advice I’ve heard so far is that surgery changes our bodies; only we can change our minds. This not a quick fix, it’s being committed to a total life change.

I did some research, made some calls. One Dr in AL has an $11,000 price, cash. However, his ratings on a review site are dismal with a one or two stars. Add to that he’s a surgeon, not bariatric surgeon and no thanks, I’ll pass.

A place here in Atlanta touts a $14,350 cash price. I made a call and they gave me all the extra details and costs. It’s out patient. They don’t keep you overnight. With the extras it’s more like $15,500 and they don’t take CareCredit for the discounted cash price, but offer a different lender. I really don’t want outpatient.

The doctor in TN who has a $12,000 cash price has a *lot* of great reviews on obesity boards. Also, his ratings on the med review site are 5 stars. He’s a bariatric surgeon and has been doing these since 2005 tho he’s done general surgery for 30 years. The center is accredited with the Bariatric quality society. That’s not the name but I forget the abbreviation.

I call and they are used to working with out of state patients. The people I’ve spoken with are friendly and down to earth. The nutritionist’s eval can be done as a conference call.

That was yesterday. Last night I talked it over with my mom. She’s offered to pay half- which stunned me and was such a blessing. We agreed on the TN doctor. I called back today and got the ball rolling. I was emailed forms to fill out and I still need to speak with the bariatric scheduler, but we are aiming for late May or 1st of June.

So yay!

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