Food Weekend

I’ve been actively trying to reduce the amount of food I take in. My goal is between 1900-2000 calories. I had 2 challenges this weekend. This first was my gaming group:


Once a month we get together for board games and card games. There is always food involved. This week it was a potluck. I think I handled it very well because I didn’t have anything that made me want to eat and eat and eat. I had little bites, and recorded everything. I went slowly and never felt over full.

The second challenge was last night, an early valentine dinner:


My DH (Dear Husband) chose the place- a Korean grill joint.  We ordered the beef tongue (I see you making that face, but it tastes just like beef) and chicken bulgogi- these are cooked on the grill. They brought out kimchi and bean sprouts and put it on the grill. There was a salad, rice paper wraps and daikon radish slice wraps.

I feel like my downfall here was A) old habit of shoveling food into my mouth and B) I never saw all my food at once nor made an attempt at cutting portions into smaller bites. Since I’ve been used to smaller portions, my old shoveling habit left me feeling uncomfortably full. Very much so. It made me think about what my stomach would feel like after surgery. I logged everything.

This meal got my DH talking about essentially food funerals. Places we had to go before the surgery. How we had to come back here again with friends (we brought home so much leftovers it was crazy- 2 orders would feed 4 people). We have a special place in Chattanooga we talked about visiting.

On the drive home though, as it became more and more apparent to me how I’d had too much in my stomach, I didn’t want to feel like I had to go to all these places. I like my reduced intake, and I like changing the way I think about foods.

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