Random thoughts at 3am

I teach elementary school. I often get up early and go in early as I like the calm before the storm. Sometimes though, I wake up way too early. Such is the case today.

I started collecting photos of what I want to do once my weight is lower. Pics of hiking, ropes courses, zip lining, beach walking. I need to add ice skating. I also added inspirational sayings. I glue them into my notebook I’m keeping when I go to see doctors.

I am on a CPAP. It occurs to me that I’ll need to be careful with pressure. I do need to see a specialist again. It’s been years, but I know how to adjust my machine myself. I’m at a 15 currently. Wondering if I can get a new machine that adjusts as needed so I don’t start swallowing air from too much pressure and expand a post surgery stomach.


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