GNC protein “food”

I use quotation marks for the food part because really it’s just processed snacks I bought. There was a bottle of Lemonade Isopure that, for being clear liqid, almost had a creamy end taste – like a Lemon dreamsicle without the sugar. It had 40g of Protein for 20 oz.

There was a brick of “mint chocolate brownie” that I bought on sale – it was so dry I see why.

There were protein chips that would definitely satisfy a crunching urge.

Last was the Cake Bites I’ve seen on FB groups. Haven’t tried it yet. It’s definitely a special occasion thing, with 22g of carbs for all 3 cakes. But I figure for our birthday next week, DH and I can have it.

Yep. We have the same birthday – 3 years apart.

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