Good things to come

I got on the scale this morning and was 3lbs down. That’s 15 since December. My hard work is paying off! I’ve been to strength training. I’ve kept up walking, and saying no to foods that lead me astray. Earlier this week after lunch I wanted chips and chocolate. Instead, I went for a walk in the sunshine. I never thought I’d be one of those people who could do that, but I did.

Yesterday my class had a pizza party. Three boxes of pizza sat in my room oozing great smells while the students were at music. I didn’t open them.  This will sound silly, but I pretended there was no pizza, just cardboard boxes which would taste terrible. I was going to take leftovers home, under the guise of “for my hubby”.  Thankfully I asked if he wanted me to, and he said no leftovers. So it went to other teachers and never entered the home. During the party while they ate pizza, I just ate the other half of my Greek salad, and was fine.

I signed up for my first 5K! It’s a Color Fun Run. I’m totally walking it, of course, but very much looking forward to it. I need to work on stamina in my walking.
I got my surgery date! My day is May 25, with preops on May 1st. I’m very excited. Good things to come, indeed.

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