Support Group

I forgot to write about my experience attending a bariatric support group for the first time. Even though my surgery is out of state, I can attend a nearby support group at the local hospital. It meets once a month, 7:30-9pm. Those that know me know this is late for me.  Usually I am in bed between 8-8:30. 

An amazing and dear friend from work came with me.  Even though I would have gone alone, I cannot tell you how I felt hearing her words of support and praise of me.  She truly is amazing. 

My first impressions of the group were along the lines – oh hey, look it these skinny people! Look how much energy they have! This is what I want! There is hope for me yet!

It was a large diverse group. While I cannot speak of who was there or specific topics, suffice to say it reminded me of OA, but better because we are all somewhere in the bariatric surgery process.  If you are reading this and haven’t attended a support group, I highly recommend it!

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