Sleep Study

Saw a sleep study doctor yesterday. It’s been over a decade since my first one and got my CPAP machine. I’m wanting to do a sleep study and be able to get an APAP, that will self adjust pressure as its needed throughout the night as well as losing weight. 
Because insurance has changed over a decade; and because I don’t have diabetes or restless leg syndrome, she can’t guarantee that I’ll be approved for a sleep clinic study. Instead it’ll be a “sleep at home” in which they’ll send me equipment but it’s not as accurate. 

It’s like insurance is saying – we want you to be healthy but don’t want to pay for it. Do it on your own. UGH! So glad that I don’t have to jump through insurance hoops for surgery. 
And on that subject- as I lose weight, my BMI goes down. I’m in this weird headspace where I want to eat good foods and portion sizes – but down want to lose too much weight before surgery. 
As a friend said, I should just enjoy everything I want to since after surgery I won’t be. 

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