“Free eating” isn’t Free

As of yesterday I’m 2 months until surgery. One month left of “free eating” until I get a 2 week step down diet and then a 2 week liquid diet, and then my body will get a new tool. 

I’ve started having my “last ofs”. Last of chocolate chip pancakes. Last of BBQ pizza. Last of alcohol. 

I also walked more this week than ever. I hit 10k steps every day and a little beyond!

And an amazing discovery- all that exercise without an eating plan – I still gained 2 more pounds. The pull of the body to maintain its weight is incredible. Free eating isn’t free. 

So how can I use this experience responsibly? My new tool aka sleeve will not be the end all be all if I feed it poor choices. Just because a list says I can eat mashed potatoes, and just because they go down well, does not mean it’s a correct choice for me post Op. 

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