The Wednesday after my 5k, some serious knee pain started on my right leg. By Friday it was waking me up in the middle of the night. Saturday I went to an Urgent Care and the PA there thought I may have a torn meniscus.

Fast forward to Tuesday when I got to see my orthopedist.

The good news was I don’t have a torn meniscus.

The bad news was I don’t have a meniscus.

Or cartilage. I have the knees of a 65 yr old, but I’m 48. Can I trade to get mine back?

But seriously – my ortho said my weight loss surgery will help by lessening the load. He’s very glad I’m doing it. He thinks that after the euphoria of the 5k wore off, my right knee said wtf did we do, days later.

I’m looking at replacements, 5-10 years out. I was shocked, thinking they weren’t this bad.

He’s curtailed my 10k steps for now, and no more 5k run/walks till a lot of weight has come off. He’s given me quad exercises to do, and to return to the office for cortisone shots if pain gets crazy again.

At least I know I’m headed in the right direction, and that I haven’t injured myself more. But now any little knee pain makes me think of those X-rays.

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