I’ve had a CPAP for 10 years. I’ve learned to adjust the pressure myself with the ups and downs of weight loss. For post surgery, I want an APAP, auto adjust pressure. This way as I lose weight it’ll automatically lower pressure so as not to push air into my stomach. 

I started the process. Insurance wouldn’t pay for lab study, so I did a home study- 1st night in a decade that I could use my machine. Apparently I snore all night. I woke up the next day with the back of my throat on fire and it hurt for three days like I had strep throat. 

So on April 18 I went into see my doctor. The results showed that I do have apnea, that I do need a CPAP machine. Big surprise. But now Doc wants me to be in a lab so they can set me on the machine that gives me my proper pressure. The doctor thinks that insurance may turn that down and simply give me an APAP machine. This is what I want! But I had to make appointments anyway for a lab test and of course they don’t do it on a Friday night so I would have to go in on a Thursday night. 

Here’s the silly part: they don’t want me there until 9:45. I usually go to sleep at 8 to 8:30. I wake up at 4 AM. However with the sleep study, they want me to sleep until six. This is the time I’m usually getting to school. So I’m going to end up being late to school  one day because they can’t adjust their hours. I understand that they have to have staff on regular hours and that other people work too. What I don’t understand is an inability to work around a patient’s schedule.

Hopefully this next week I’ll get a call saying insurance denied the lab request and I’ll just put me on an APAP. That really is why I started this whole process. 


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