Breaking up with Food. 

Dear Food,

You’ve always been there for me. Even as a child, scarfing down cookies or riding my bike to get candy corn from the store, you’ve always known how to calm me. Paradoxically, you also excite me. You keep me from boredom, or allow me to sleep. Your love has seemed like the perfect legal drug.

Tonight it’s not working.

There’s a Dark side to this relationship. You fed me lies about your importance in my life. You’ve insulated me, and isolated me, with obesity.

So here’s the thing, Food: I am breaking up with you and we’ll just be friends.

You had me convinced that I needed you all the time, for any reason, and that’s just not true. Goodbye.  I’ll see you from time to time, but on my terms. I will eat to live, not the reverse.


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