The Bad, the Good, and the Fabulous!

I’ve shared a lot on my Facebook about struggles with weeks 3 and 4 of my liquid preOp diet. Every day about 4pm I get the munchies. I’ve been holding it at bay with half of an avocado, rice vinegar, and crushed Himalayan salt. This way I don’t put the avocado in a shake, but still get the nutrients. But we don’t always have ripe avocados in the house, or the other half is for Dear Hubby.  


The good things to post involve Weight Loss!

I am now at 251lbs!! In December I was 285, and at the start of this month was 272lbs. I’ve lost 21lbs this month on this blankety-blank PreOp Diet!!  I took my measurements and I’ve lost 13 inches total since April 15. But my right bicep and right thigh had no decrease. How weird is that?

My fabulous is that I’ve bought a new swimsuit.  Last year I was a 26 and bought at Avenue. This year I got a size 22 *on sale* at Target! Me!! Shopping at a non-fat people’s store!

 I look good!!


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