Love Tennova Shelbyville!

I’m including some photos of my stay. There were about 30 patient rooms total, each with capacity for 2 patients. Photos above are the ground floor and waiting area. 

This was my preOp and postOp room. There was a huge bathroom with shower just off of this as well. The hose you see over the bed piped warm air to my cold feet, under a blanket. I was prepped here and Dr Westmoreland came in, joking about my last chance to change my mind. He also prayed with me.

The anesthesiologist came in and reassured me that I wouldn’t wake up during.  He and the nurses took me in, and had great senses of humor. Before I knew it I was out. 

I was having a good dream about Wonder Woman when I woke up in post op. All these sensations hit at once. Pain, nausea, and I had very high blood pressure. My husband held my hand the entire time and was my anchor. Eventually they took me to my regular room. 

I had the room to myself.  

Most of the afternoon I looked like this:

I slept through most of the bad pain and hubby stayed at my side. Seemed like I would,close my eyes, then opened them 30-40 mins later. Was hard to focus even with my glasses. 

Dear hubby went back to the hotel to get dinner no some rest. I would see him at checkout the next day. Every nurse was sweet and young and so helpful. I couldn’t get over the difference from our local hospital where I’d had my hysterectomy. It was like they were all family. 

About 3:30am I got up for another hallway walk and was rewarded with this:

It tasted SO good! 

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