Well That Went Well

Here’s the month to month numbers since I started my journey. In December 2016 I was 285. With my doctor’s guidance, I got a Fitbit Alta and met with a nutrition counselor. I followed her program and by the end of January got to a very dark place mentally.  By the end of February I knew I wanted surgery, and was ready for it. Three years ago I was at 298lbs, attended a seminar on WLS and said “Nope, I can do this on my own”. Fast forward 3 years. In March I started eating low carb, high protein (1800 cal./day). I had my surgery date, and preOp nutritionist appointment. By April I knew I had 30 days to eat whatever I wanted. So I did. May 1st began my PreOp diet- a week of meat and veg and complex carb (1200 cal./day). Then 2 weeks of liquid that turned into 4 weeks when I got sick and rescheduled surgery. Surgeon was Dr. Wayne Westmoreland of Murfreesboro Surgical Specialists- an amazing man and surgeon. He wanted me to lose 15-20lbs before surgery- which I did! And in June I lost 14lbs. 

Pic comparison: the first is my teacher pic from Spring 2017, the others from June:

Currently I’m 236lbs. 

I feel better! I look better! I don’t have to pull myself up the stairs anymore! I’ve gone from a size 26W pants to a 22W and 3-4X shirt to a 2X. I did not have a period of remorse after surgery, which a lot of people do. Perhaps it was all the mental work prior, or perhaps it’ll hit me later when school resumes in August and I’m surrounded by carbs and sweets. I would choose this again in a heartbeat. 

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