I guess I keep comparing my weight loss now to during the preOp diet. I feel frustrated. I’ve been going back and forth from 236-237 for a week now. I look at my food choices, how much I’ve been eating, and wonder if dairy is setting me back. Today is my 1 month surgeversary and I’ve lost 15lbs. I see that typical loss is 15-30 in first month. Perfectionist me wants to know why I’m at the 15 and not the 30.  I look for causes. Could it be the cheese and yogurt? Am I getting too many calories, or not enough protein? Is it that I’m 48 and post-menopausal due to a hysterectomy? Is this just my body’s way of countering the already 49lb loss since December 2016?


I’ve emailed my nutritionist with my particulars and am asking how much protein should I be getting? This week I’ve worked at getting 100oz of protein; around a thousand calories. Maybe I should be listening to my body only and not numbers?

I start vacation tomorrow. That should help get my mind off things.

One thought on “Frustrated”

  1. Always listen to your body. The scale can be very deceptive. Stay on plan, be honest with your foods, and stay focused and you will be fine! You got this!!

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