Week in review 

I’m one week PostOp now. Whew, made it! It’s been a rollercoaster. 

Friday we got home and I used the pain meds well. Did not meet drinking or protein goals. 

Saturday I did a little better with protein:

I used a 2 oz container I got from the dollar store and sipped from it. I also tried some sf cherry jello. 

My tummy didn’t mind it but my mouth did. Blech. I didn’t finish it. 

The next day my hubby made homemade broccoli soup. I took just the broth and added it to a scoop of unflavored protein. 

It was ok. I felt full by the end. This was 4 oz.  I made another for the fridge. The next day I heated it in the microwave and it changed into a weird custard like consistency. I didn’t eat it. Now I know. 

Monday I had a visitor from school and she brought me a gorgeous basket from the faculty:

It had drink items, tuna, soups, lotions, candles, and cards. Amazing!!

I also got out of the house. Doc said no driving for 2 weeks so my hubby drove. I had to meet my sleep doctor and take my APAP machine in. Even tho it’s new and lighter than my old one, it seemed really heavy. I wish my hubby had carried it more for me- which he would have if I’d asked, but he had errands too. 

From there we went to Vida Flo Hydration Station. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a place where you can go and get an IV bag administered by nurses for about $59. Cheaper than the ER, right? I went before surgery and loved it and became a member.  Well Monday was not my day. I was so dehydrated they couldn’t find a vein, despite trying 3x. I have hard to find veins, so I’m used to it, but was disappointed. 

That night I start increasing my water purposefully. The next paragraph is a bit graphic. You’ve been warned

Tuesday- oh joy! (Sarcasm) my bowels decided to wake up. The next 48 hours I would not wish on my worst enemy. Combination of opioid painkillers and zofran for nausea and dehydration had been bad. The crud inside was so dry  I put on a glove and dug bits out. I tried miralax, MoM, Dulcolax suppositories, and even an enema. It was painful and gross. Wednesday the MoM got things more liquid, but there were 2 left bricks left. Over the course of the day they finally worked out, but not before making me really sore in the process. If you’re reading this, consider when you get home to wean off the strong pain pills when you can, increase water, and put some miralax in your water each day.  I’m not a doctor, but I wish someone had told me this, or that I’d read about this somewhere. 
Today I was talking with a midwife friend about how my hubby volunteered to get me some PrepH. She suggested I find a maxi pad or panty liner, wet it, pop it in the freezer for a few. Ahhhh. Better than a kiddie pool! Really helps reduce swelling today. 

So for the past three days I’ve been getting 64oz of water in, and 60g of protein. Tonight I even had more broccoli soup with cheese sprinkles:

I have a happy tummy now. Tomorrow begins the puréed stage! Looking forward to it. 

Surgery Day- not

Today was supposed to be my surgery day. I wore myself out getting my classroom closed and caught a virus that gave me a productive cough. Surgeon gave me the option of taking a chance, but I’m not keen on pneumonia with a new stomach. So my new date is June 8.  I was a bit disappointed but mostly glad that I could sleep all day yesterday and not drive up to TN. 

Since my last post almost a month ago, I’ve had a lot of victories. My nutritionist put me on a week of high protein low carb diet, then 2 weeks of smoothies. Today starts my 3rd week. I suppose that with 2 Weeks more I could have hopped off for some tuna or eggs, but I have a bad history when it comes to getting back on the wagon. So I’m still doing all liquids. Yay for me. I’ve lost 15 lbs (accounting for clothing) since May 1st. I now weigh 257lbs. I had a stall at week three but I seem to be past it. 

It’s been hard from a society standpoint to be on all liquids. Missing out in partaking of staff treats, group dinners, etc.  My mom told me recently she doesn’t think she could do it. From a body standpoint I know what stomach hunger feels like, but I’m free of the munchies and cravings that plagued my life.  So 2 weeks more. If this is to shrink the liver then I guess I’ll have the skinniest liver ever. 

“Free eating” isn’t Free

As of yesterday I’m 2 months until surgery. One month left of “free eating” until I get a 2 week step down diet and then a 2 week liquid diet, and then my body will get a new tool. 

I’ve started having my “last ofs”. Last of chocolate chip pancakes. Last of BBQ pizza. Last of alcohol. 

I also walked more this week than ever. I hit 10k steps every day and a little beyond!

And an amazing discovery- all that exercise without an eating plan – I still gained 2 more pounds. The pull of the body to maintain its weight is incredible. Free eating isn’t free. 

So how can I use this experience responsibly? My new tool aka sleeve will not be the end all be all if I feed it poor choices. Just because a list says I can eat mashed potatoes, and just because they go down well, does not mean it’s a correct choice for me post Op. 

Who Has All The Daylight We’re Saving?

I once heard a comedian ask “What is Daylight Savings Time, and if we’re saving so much of it, who has it all??”  That’s about how I’m feeling. Constantly tired, catching up on sleep, lack of energy. 

Some medical issues, my own “hey, it’s the last time I’ll eat this”, and lack of sleep, has caused a 2lb gain.  Refined carbs are not my friend. 

So this week it’s time to get back to serious walking, prepping for a 5k walk in 2 weeks. Time also to get back to strength training. 

On the good side, Hubby and I got out in the world to fly kites yesterday. It was fun in the sun, even if it start d out overcast and chilly. 

Good things to come

I got on the scale this morning and was 3lbs down. That’s 15 since December. My hard work is paying off! I’ve been to strength training. I’ve kept up walking, and saying no to foods that lead me astray. Earlier this week after lunch I wanted chips and chocolate. Instead, I went for a walk in the sunshine. I never thought I’d be one of those people who could do that, but I did.

Yesterday my class had a pizza party. Three boxes of pizza sat in my room oozing great smells while the students were at music. I didn’t open them.  This will sound silly, but I pretended there was no pizza, just cardboard boxes which would taste terrible. I was going to take leftovers home, under the guise of “for my hubby”.  Thankfully I asked if he wanted me to, and he said no leftovers. So it went to other teachers and never entered the home. During the party while they ate pizza, I just ate the other half of my Greek salad, and was fine.

I signed up for my first 5K! It’s a Color Fun Run. I’m totally walking it, of course, but very much looking forward to it. I need to work on stamina in my walking.
I got my surgery date! My day is May 25, with preops on May 1st. I’m very excited. Good things to come, indeed.

Small but Huge

I did a thing today. What made it remarkable was it was quick, like a reflex.

Before parent conferences today we were brought a bottle of water and a snack. I took them, then saw the ‘snack’ was a bag of mini Oreos. I handed it back with a “oh I don’t eat these anymore.”

Wow. So light, so easy. No wistful yearning, no feeling of denying myself.

A small thing, but huge.

Home Alone

DH is out this afternoon with friends. Old me would use this time to distract myself with food, sometimes food combined with video games. I’ve been really wanting a beer the past week. While technically I could have one since I’m not on a pre op diet or post op, I know it can be a slippery slope of consumption for me. Also in my thoughts is that it won’t get easier to turn it down post op. So I might as well start the habit now.

I want to join a gym this week, to start strength training. This would be a good day for it. Replace the old with a new. But most likely I will stay home and take a nap.