Today is October 5, 2017. My surgery was June 8, 2017. My stats:

Highest Weight: 298

Starting Weight: 285

Surgery Weight: 252

Current Weight: 211

i broke a three week stall where I was at 216. My body is now to the point where weight loss responds best to exercise.

I walk 30min a day 5x a week

I do weight training 2-3X a week

I do aqua fitness 1-2x a week.

I have issues with a knee. Both knees are very low on cartilage from years of obesity. My left knee is the worst and acts up when I walk too strenuously. I rest it for a day when I need to.

Part of this journey is listening to my body and being kind to it. Early mornings when I’m waking up and stretching in bed, I tell my body what a good body it is, thank it for all it does, and say how proud I am. Quite a difference from how I used to think about it.


Post- vacation

Hubby and I had a GREAT time in Alaska and Oregon. I didn’t weigh myself at all, and while I didn’t deprive myself, I didn’t go crazy either with food.  Got home and weighed the next day- 236lbs! 

So I decided to have a week of liquids.  After the first day of protein drinks I whooshed to 233lbs! That’s 18lbs lost since surgery and 52 since December. I’m thinking I may have to give up dairy items like cheese, cottage cheese, milk, and cream. 

PostOp week 5 stats:

Highest: 298lbs

Surgery: 251lbs

Current: 233lbs

Goal: 150 lbs


I guess I keep comparing my weight loss now to during the preOp diet. I feel frustrated. I’ve been going back and forth from 136-137 for a week now. I look at my food choices, how much I’ve been eating, and wonder if dairy is setting me back. Today is my 1 month surgeversary and I’ve lost 15lbs. I see that typical loss is 15-30 in first month. Perfectionist me wants to know why I’m at the 15 and not the 30.  I look for causes. Could it be the cheese and yogurt? Am I getting too many calories, or not enough protein? Is it that I’m 48 and post-menopausal due to a hysterectomy? Is this just my body’s way of countering the already 49lb loss since December 2016?


I’ve emailed my nutritionist with my particulars and am asking how much protein should I be getting? This week I’ve worked at getting 100oz of protein; around a thousand calories. Maybe I should be listening to my body only and not numbers?  

I start vacation tomorrow. That should help get my mind off things. 

Well That Went Well

Here’s the month to month numbers since I started my journey. In December 2016 I was 285. With my doctor’s guidance, I got a Fitbit Alta and met with a nutrition counselor. I followed her program and by the end of January got to a very dark place mentally.  By the end of February I knew I wanted surgery, and was ready for it. Three years ago I was at 298lbs, attended a seminar on WLS and said “Nope, I can do this on my own”. Fast forward 3 years. In March I started eating low carb, high protein (1800 cal./day). I had my surgery date, and preOp nutritionist appointment. By April I knew I had 30 days to eat whatever I wanted. So I did. May 1st began my PreOp diet- a week of meat and veg and complex carb (1200 cal./day). Then 2 weeks of liquid that turned into 4 weeks when I got sick and rescheduled surgery. Surgeon was Dr. Wayne Westmoreland of Murfreesboro Surgical Specialists- an amazing man and surgeon. He wanted me to lose 15-20lbs before surgery- which I did! And in June I lost 14lbs. 

Pic comparison: the first is my teacher pic from Spring 2017, the others from June:

Currently I’m 236lbs. 

I feel better! I look better! I don’t have to pull myself up the stairs anymore! I’ve gone from a size 26W pants to a 22W and 3-4X shirt to a 2X. I did not have a period of remorse after surgery, which a lot of people do. Perhaps it was all the mental work prior, or perhaps it’ll hit me later when school resumes in August and I’m surrounded by carbs and sweets. I would choose this again in a heartbeat. 

It works!

My hubby made me his slow cooked soft scrambled eggs. He chose a small egg from the ones we get from our friend who raises chickens. 

It was delicious, and I kept it down but- I’m not ready for eggs regularly. As much as I chewed, and as little as I had, some did tend to stick in my throat. Since I’m not supposed to drink with my food, it was … Interesting. I was slow in finishing it, and after went to make more turkey and carrots. I got halfway through that when 

SURPRISE! I felt full. Full physically like if I had one more bite, it would be in my throat. I stopped. The pouch works! Then I set the timer on my Baritastic app for 30min. After 30min, I could sip water again.