This is me.

This was me the summer of ’16. I’d been invited to a friend’s pool club and actually got up to sing kimagearaoke in-between swims. I didn’t find out till later she’d taken¬†photos of me.

At the time I was mortified. But I’m glad now. It clearly shows my physical starting point in all it’s swimsuit glory.

I am more than this body I wear.

I am an elementary school teacher, the kind who attends a student’s hockey game.


I also dress up, and have Elves in my classroom.

I am a part-time seamstress.

I am a loving wife to a fantastic husband.

I am “mom” to 2 fur-kids.

I am a total geek and have met famous people.

I’ve¬†traveled to some really cool places.


I say all this, to let you know that I’m not in this for vanity. I know I am more than my looks. But I want to be healthy for the next half of my life. I have a lot to live for.

This is why I am pursuing a VSG, or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.