Today is the day!

Surgery today is at 2pm EST. Dr. Westmoreland said it’s about 45 min long. I check into Tennova 2 hours beforehand. I had my last water around 8:15 last night. I’m thirsty this morning and a little hungry. Mostly excited to be on the loser’s bench. I know there will be pain and nausea, but I’m hoping for the best. My surgeon is very calming and reassuring.  Hotels in Shelbyville are really expensive, but I’m glad we didn’t stay last night at the hospital. 

At my weigh in yesterday I’ve lost 24lbs since my May 1st weigh in. The Nurse was extremely excited for me! My surgery weight is 25l lbs. Hopefully a month from now I will be at 225.


Checked in for PreAdmission testing. This hospital is so *clean* and new! It’s in the middle of farming / horse breeding country. While there are other patients here, compared to Atlanta it’s like we have the place to ourselves! While they do board out of state patients at no cost, we opted for a hotel room.

Dr. Wayne Westmoreland does the VSG at this facility for $12,000 for cash pay patients. He can be contacted through the Murfreesboro Surgical Associates. 


Had a really great meeting with the surgeon yesterday. He reminded me that the golden period or “effectiveness” of this surgery only lasts 2 years max- meaning that my body adapts. If I don’t have good food and exercise habits by then, I can regain. My goal is to stay away from the empty food groups calorie dense and nutrition sparse. I also want to get a personal trainer near the end of July to help me learn how to do weights properly. 
Average weight loss in 5 months is 50lbs. In 8 months I could be down 80lbs. That blows my mind! I’d be 170lbs! I haven’t been that since the early 90s

The Miracles of Hard Work

Miracles exist, y’all!! I went to Marshall’s for new luggage but on a lark tried on clothes. Jeans are a 22!! I loved the top but it was a 3x. I went back out to see if I could find a 2x. Only found a 1x, and guess what?? It fits!!! I tried on the 3x again just to be sure and realized I was swimming in it. Wow! I guess it’s time to start cleaning out my closet. Thinking of starting a store on Poshmark.

Cute Cauliflower-Broccoli Rice Panda!

I plan on making cute bento lunches next school year, and follow a quasi-keto diet (not so much high fat).  Today I had my first success towards that end! Kawaii (cute) Panda! This is usually done with white rice. It’s 33 cal- 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 sugar, 3 fat. 

I used frozen Green Giant cauli-broc riced mix. 1/4 cup in pan with 1/2 tsp coconut oil to heat it up. Add 1/2 tsp cream cheese – mix and melt, it acts as a binder.

Put mix in Saran Wrap and place in fridge to cool and firm.

Press into the panda shaper, moving bits to the ears.

Press in together.
Stamp out the face and ears in seaweed. This was a bit of a trouble as my seaweed wasn’t perfectly flat.

Add pieces with food tweezer.

The Bad, the Good, and the Fabulous!

I’ve shared a lot on my Facebook about struggles with weeks 3 and 4 of my liquid preOp diet. Every day about 4pm I get the munchies. I’ve been holding it at bay with half of an avocado, rice vinegar, and crushed Himalayan salt. This way I don’t put the avocado in a shake, but still get the nutrients. But we don’t always have ripe avocados in the house, or the other half is for Dear Hubby.  


The good things to post involve Weight Loss!

I am now at 251lbs!! In December I was 285, and at the start of this month was 272lbs. I’ve lost 21lbs this month on this blankety-blank PreOp Diet!!  I took my measurements and I’ve lost 13 inches total since April 15. But my right bicep and right thigh had no decrease. How weird is that?

My fabulous is that I’ve bought a new swimsuit.  Last year I was a 26 and bought at Avenue. This year I got a size 22 *on sale* at Target! Me!! Shopping at a non-fat people’s store!

 I look good!!