First non protein shake meal in 5 weeks. Turkey and gravy with carrots, a la Gerber. Turkey needed Adobo, but with that, it’s pretty tasty! 


Week in review 

I’m one week PostOp now. Whew, made it! It’s been a rollercoaster. 

Friday we got home and I used the pain meds well. Did not meet drinking or protein goals. 

Saturday I did a little better with protein:

I used a 2 oz container I got from the dollar store and sipped from it. I also tried some sf cherry jello. 

My tummy didn’t mind it but my mouth did. Blech. I didn’t finish it. 

The next day my hubby made homemade broccoli soup. I took just the broth and added it to a scoop of unflavored protein. 

It was ok. I felt full by the end. This was 4 oz.  I made another for the fridge. The next day I heated it in the microwave and it changed into a weird custard like consistency. I didn’t eat it. Now I know. 

Monday I had a visitor from school and she brought me a gorgeous basket from the faculty:

It had drink items, tuna, soups, lotions, candles, and cards. Amazing!!

I also got out of the house. Doc said no driving for 2 weeks so my hubby drove. I had to meet my sleep doctor and take my APAP machine in. Even tho it’s new and lighter than my old one, it seemed really heavy. I wish my hubby had carried it more for me- which he would have if I’d asked, but he had errands too. 

From there we went to Vida Flo Hydration Station. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a place where you can go and get an IV bag administered by nurses for about $59. Cheaper than the ER, right? I went before surgery and loved it and became a member.  Well Monday was not my day. I was so dehydrated they couldn’t find a vein, despite trying 3x. I have hard to find veins, so I’m used to it, but was disappointed. 

That night I start increasing my water purposefully. The next paragraph is a bit graphic. You’ve been warned

Tuesday- oh joy! (Sarcasm) my bowels decided to wake up. The next 48 hours I would not wish on my worst enemy. Combination of opioid painkillers and zofran for nausea and dehydration had been bad. The crud inside was so dry  I put on a glove and dug bits out. I tried miralax, MoM, Dulcolax suppositories, and even an enema. It was painful and gross. Wednesday the MoM got things more liquid, but there were 2 left bricks left. Over the course of the day they finally worked out, but not before making me really sore in the process. If you’re reading this, consider when you get home to wean off the strong pain pills when you can, increase water, and put some miralax in your water each day.  I’m not a doctor, but I wish someone had told me this, or that I’d read about this somewhere. 
Today I was talking with a midwife friend about how my hubby volunteered to get me some PrepH. She suggested I find a maxi pad or panty liner, wet it, pop it in the freezer for a few. Ahhhh. Better than a kiddie pool! Really helps reduce swelling today. 

So for the past three days I’ve been getting 64oz of water in, and 60g of protein. Tonight I even had more broccoli soup with cheese sprinkles:

I have a happy tummy now. Tomorrow begins the puréed stage! Looking forward to it. 

Love Tennova Shelbyville!

I’m including some photos of my stay. There were about 30 patient rooms total, each with capacity for 2 patients. Photos above are the ground floor and waiting area. 

This was my preOp and postOp room. There was a huge bathroom with shower just off of this as well. The hose you see over the bed piped warm air to my cold feet, under a blanket. I was prepped here and Dr Westmoreland came in, joking about my last chance to change my mind. He also prayed with me.

The anesthesiologist came in and reassured me that I wouldn’t wake up during.  He and the nurses took me in, and had great senses of humor. Before I knew it I was out. 

I was having a good dream about Wonder Woman when I woke up in post op. All these sensations hit at once. Pain, nausea, and I had very high blood pressure. My husband held my hand the entire time and was my anchor. Eventually they took me to my regular room. 

I had the room to myself.  

Most of the afternoon I looked like this:

I slept through most of the bad pain and hubby stayed at my side. Seemed like I would,close my eyes, then opened them 30-40 mins later. Was hard to focus even with my glasses. 

Dear hubby went back to the hotel to get dinner no some rest. I would see him at checkout the next day. Every nurse was sweet and young and so helpful. I couldn’t get over the difference from our local hospital where I’d had my hysterectomy. It was like they were all family. 

About 3:30am I got up for another hallway walk and was rewarded with this:

It tasted SO good! 

Today is the day!

Surgery today is at 2pm EST. Dr. Westmoreland said it’s about 45 min long. I check into Tennova 2 hours beforehand. I had my last water around 8:15 last night. I’m thirsty this morning and a little hungry. Mostly excited to be on the loser’s bench. I know there will be pain and nausea, but I’m hoping for the best. My surgeon is very calming and reassuring.  Hotels in Shelbyville are really expensive, but I’m glad we didn’t stay last night at the hospital. 

At my weigh in yesterday I’ve lost 24lbs since my May 1st weigh in. The Nurse was extremely excited for me! My surgery weight is 25l lbs. Hopefully a month from now I will be at 225.


Checked in for PreAdmission testing. This hospital is so *clean* and new! It’s in the middle of farming / horse breeding country. While there are other patients here, compared to Atlanta it’s like we have the place to ourselves! While they do board out of state patients at no cost, we opted for a hotel room.

Dr. Wayne Westmoreland does the VSG at this facility for $12,000 for cash pay patients. He can be contacted through the Murfreesboro Surgical Associates. 


Had a really great meeting with the surgeon yesterday. He reminded me that the golden period or “effectiveness” of this surgery only lasts 2 years max- meaning that my body adapts. If I don’t have good food and exercise habits by then, I can regain. My goal is to stay away from the empty food groups calorie dense and nutrition sparse. I also want to get a personal trainer near the end of July to help me learn how to do weights properly. 
Average weight loss in 5 months is 50lbs. In 8 months I could be down 80lbs. That blows my mind! I’d be 170lbs! I haven’t been that since the early 90s