Me and VSG

I want this Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). I attended a seminar 3 years ago on weight loss surgery.

There are three types of gastric or bariatric surgery. One is a lap band. It is reversible. You can read up on it here at Wiki. Suffice to say  I don’t want a silicone tube inside me that has to constantly be adjusted.

The next is Roux en-Y. This is where they make a very small stomach pouch and hook it up to a different part of the intestine. I have Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease, and phutzing with my intestines is not an option.

VSG is where the surgeon removes a large part of the stomach. This area includes where the hunger hormone is produced. The amount the patient can digest at one time is drastically reduced. This is not a reversible surgery.



I did not want it enough back then. I thought I could do extreme weight loss on my own. I did not want the regimented eating plans, really working at exercise, the finality of surgery. So how’d that work out for me? I’ve gained even more since then.

I am ready. I am making plans. I have started on vitamins that help with hair and skin. I am eating smaller meals, and exercising more. Today I will go check out Dollar Tree for baby food dishes and containers. My husband is going with me to the seminar Wednesday this week.

To borrow a phrase from my more religious friends, I am acting as if God has already given me what I’ve asked for. Bring it on.

Sweeping Out the Old

Last night my community of friends celebrated Imbolc. It’s an old gaelic celebration. Traditionally held around the first of February, it’s the midway point between the Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox. Winter Solstice is the longest night, Vernal Equinox is the start of Spring. At Imbolc we get ready for the coming growth of the year and sweep out all the negativity. In gardening terms, it’s the time of year when one clears away the old growth, the dead branches, and prepares the soil for seeds in the Springtime.

We stood outside for a very long time. My feet hurt so badly. All the more motivation to take off the weight. I would shuffle from foot to foot, and finally resorted to almost a marching in place. One of our artist friends has a broom handle he’s made, and keeps from year to year. At Imbolc he fashions new bristles for it- be it straw or paper or what have you. As a symbol of sweeping out the old dirt, the old negativity, the old fears; we are “swept”. After everyone in the circle is swept, the broom’s bristles are lit in the small bonfire. Symbolically, the things that are holding you back from growing are burned away.

I don’t attend every year, and this year was cold! But it was important for me to use this time to mentally  set my intentions and goals for the coming year.


Rise Up!

I live in Atlanta. Yesterday at school we had a tailgate party in the teachers lounge.  There were lots of different kinds of foods. One table just contained desserts.  There was a round brownie like cookie and someone was asking about it. I said I didn’t know what it tasted like. I picked one up broke it in half and saw the caramel inside it. I said “oh it has caramel!” I then put the cookie back together and placed it on my plate without tasting it. She looked surprised and said “Aren’t you going to try it?” I said “No. Right now I don’t know what it’s like. I don’t have that taste in my head and I can say no to this desert. If I try it then I’ll know what it tastes like and I will crave it and I’ll end up taking three or four these back to my classroom. So it’s better if I don’t try it at all.”

I love salty sweet foods. It was the smartest thing for me to do.


At my doctor’s  request I got a Fitbit.  I ordered a Fitbit Alta because I like being able to see the time as well as the steps.  Our school has several teachers who have Fitbits and we challenge each other each week.  We praise each other when we do well.  Seeing someone be 300 steps ahead of me is motivating to do more.  I try to fit in extra steps at recess by walking around the playground.  For PE when I take the kids down  to the gym  I stay and walk extra laps .   If I have 10 minutes before school starts then I’ll walk the hallways.  I’ve been getting better about having 8000 steps,  10,000 steps.  One day I even hit 11,000 steps! Wow!

I’ve been posting my steps on Facebook. Today a coworker came up to me and said she’s just ordered a fit bit because she was inspired by my posts. She said if I can do it then why the heck is she just sitting around?

Yay! Felt odd to be someone’s  inspiration, but I’ll take it!