Year End Update


Happy Holidays! I have struggled since Thanksgiving to get my food under control.  I finally quit fighting and ate the carbs, knowing it would end with Christmas. So here I am at 209lbs, 5lbs higher than the end of November.

I went to the Wellness Center today and walked again.  I stopped back in November as I was sick with a flare and then with a nasty stomach flu (fainted in the shower, dehydrated, scared my hubby).

It was good to walk. I realize that I have begun eating my emotions again since I did not have exercise as a stress outlet. While I do partially feel down on myself, mostly I’m determined to make the best of things now.  I am doing a week of protein shakes and quest bars and tons of water.  I will gradually go back to protein and veg and complex carbs.

Got an air fryer for Christmas.  Looking forward to doing chicken and veggies with it. As it stands right now, I’ve lost a cumulative 76lbs. It was 81, but I’ve had some slide back. My new goal is to be in Onederland by my birthday on February 24th. One thing that is very clear to me is the choice that’s involved with this tool.  Here’s to making good choices again.



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